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One of our amazing clients made this great video, which provides a glimpse of our precious Tanjung Puting and Indonesian Borneo orangutans.

Tanjung Puting National Park and a klotok boat tour to see the Borneo Indonesian orangutans is usually the highlight of most visitor’s trip to Kalimantan (Borneo)—but there is even more to Kumai, Pangkalan Bun, and Kalimantan!

Stay a little longer. Take another Indonesian eco tour or cultural tour. Get to know the local culture. Enjoy village and homestay hospitality. Take a cooking class. Explore the turtle sanctuary. Savor unspoiled, pristine beaches. Kumai is home to several ethnic groups, Malay, Dayak, and Madurese (originally from East Java), and it is a fascinating place to visit, with lots of cultural diversity.

We also offer Indonesian eco and cultural tours to less visited areas around Tanjung Puting National Park,  Java (snorkeling, trekking, and cycling), Kalimantan Borneo (including adventure and wildlife tours all across Borneo Indonesia), and Tesso Nilo National Park elephant sanctuary eco tours in Sumatra, and now, trekking in Papua.

Join us—get off the beaten path with Kalimantan Borneo’s only woman-owned Indonesian eco tour company and let the journey begin!

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